School trip

The adventure of fun and learning

School trips are essential moments in the life of students of all ages. WHAIWHAI offers learning and fun simultaneously; it brings people together and teaches them to cooperate; it heightens their attention and encourages them to participate. What more could you ask for in an educational trip, in a city tour geared for young people. Divide the class into teams and equip each team with a gamebook. There your adventure begins in a straightforward fashion, an adventure you may choose to embark upon with or without the support of the WHAIWHAI team.

  • The Ruyi activity is an amazing trip through one of the most mysterious cities in the world. I was taken to corners of Venice and shown sights that I never would have encountered on my own self-guided walks through the city.

  • Want a way to explore Rome that's part Harry Potter, part Da Vinci Code? The interactive game will have you wandering through the streets on a quest for answers to cryptic clues.
    National Geographic

  • ...the Ruyi always evades discovery. But the real treasure is in experiencing a fun new twist on sightseeing in the Eternal City.