Your sightseeing is a game

A personal adventure to explore the city as you don’t expect. You are the hero of a funny experience

The WHAIWHAI narratives tell you about special places and unusual details; they’ll reveal a surprising, astonishing city before your eyes, even if it’s a city you think you already know well. It can all begin right away, wherever you may find yourself in that city. All you need to do is send a WhatsApp message to the number you’ll find in the guide. You decide how long you want your adventure to last and how to experience it – whether to go at a leisurely pace and use your spirit of observation to the fullest, or to run a race against time. Either way, you’ll be the hero of the story as you enter the WHAIWHAI plot. Whether you want in-depth information about a place that sparks your interest, or just want a fun adventure as you tour a city, WHAIWHAI will do it for you! If you’re going to visit a city with others, you can even choose to divide yourselves into teams and compete. You’ll just need at least one guide per group.

  • The Ruyi activity is an amazing trip through one of the most mysterious cities in the world. I was taken to corners of Venice and shown sights that I never would have encountered on my own self-guided walks through the city.

  • Want a way to explore Rome that's part Harry Potter, part Da Vinci Code? The interactive game will have you wandering through the streets on a quest for answers to cryptic clues.
    National Geographic

  • ...the Ruyi always evades discovery. But the real treasure is in experiencing a fun new twist on sightseeing in the Eternal City.