Milan The diamond
Paolo Roversi

When Ludovico il Moro descends into battle against the French with a war chest funded by pawning the family jewels, the fabulous Lupo diamond is just one of the precious objects that end up in the hands of moneylender Giovanni Beolco. Today, after many ups and downs, the diamond has been stolen by a cunning thief. The Milanese police is on his tail and needs your help.


  • year 2009
  • |
  • pp. 140
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  • eur 22.00

Searching for a stolen diamond in some of the most haunting corners of Milan: from the dark lady on the spires of the Duomo, to the Devil’s Horns at Saint Ambrose’s, from the nocturnal spectres of the Sforza Castle to the murders of Stretta Bagnera. 45 stories tell you 45 places in Milan. Discover history of the city, her music and design tradition. Milan The Diamond is an itinerary lined with enigmas to uncover the secrets and learn about the most fascinating places of the city. You can be the hero of the story.

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Paolo Roversi

was born in Suzzara (Mantua) in 1975. Now he lives in Milan. Dubbed by critics the “postmodern Scerbanenco” and the “golden boy” of Italian mystery novels, Roversi has published four novels featuring Enrico Radeschi, a hacker reporter: “Blue Tango, a metropolitan noir”, “La mano sinistra del diavolo” (awarded the Premio Camaiore di Letteratura Gialla 2007 and fi nalist at the Premio Franco Fideli 2007), “Niente baci alla francese”, “L’uomo della pianura” and “Gli agenti segreti non piangono” (for teenagers). In 2008 he published Taccuino di una sbronza which inspired a theatre show. His novels are translated in Spain and Germany.
  • The Ruyi activity is an amazing trip through one of the most mysterious cities in the world. I was taken to corners of Venice and shown sights that I never would have encountered on my own self-guided walks through the city.

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  • ...the Ruyi always evades discovery. But the real treasure is in experiencing a fun new twist on sightseeing in the Eternal City.

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