Verona AMOR
Francesco Mazzai

Eros, the God of love, was banished from Olympus and chose Verona as his new homeland. When he was exiled, he took two magic instruments with him: his famed bow and arrows that can shoot out sparks of love. Could this be why the most renowned tragic love story took place here? Why does the Capulet family’s last descendant need your help?


  • year 2009
  • |
  • pp. 111
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  • eur 22.00

Thirty-five stories about thirty-five places in the city of lovers. From behind the scenes of the tragic love story of Romeo and Juliet to a tale about Alboino and Rosamunda, from the story of the villain Bertoldo to the intriguing secrets surrounding the city’s Roman theatres. Verona Amor is an itinerary lined with enigmas to unlock the mysteries and discover the most charming corners of the city of lovers.

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Francesco Mazzai

born in Verona on May 22, 1983, studied Tourism at the University of Padua, Ferrara and Granada. A great enthusiast of history, the arts and pop culture, this is his first publication.

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