Rome The Ruyi
Alberto Toso Fei

The Ruyi, the magic scepter Marco Polo stole from Kublai Khan at the end of the 13th century, has been purloined from Venice and brought to Rome. An ancient sect known as the Invincibles has been pursuing it, but the old Venetian professor Carlo Dolfin is only a step away from solving a mystery that links the Eternal City to the Marine Republic.


  • year 2009
  • |
  • pp. 130
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  • eur 22.00

Sixty stories about sixty places in Rome. Having long been the center stage of world history, Rome has countless stories to tell about emperors, popes, artists, talking statues, magicians and much more. As you learn about the affairs of the noble Borgia family and about the misadventures of Virgil the Magician, as you pass by the Colosseum, the popular Trastevere neighborhood and many other places, you’ll discover Rome’s fantastic secrets. Rome the Ruyi is an itinerary lined with enigmas to unlock the mysteries and discover the most fascinating corners of the eternal city. You can be the hero of the story.

WHAIWHAI is an adventure to live in the city you want to explore. You just need one of our books and a smartphone to start the experience. You will discover streets, hidden places and squares, stories and original tales about the city.

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Alberto Toso Fei

descends from an ancient family of glassmakers from the island of Murano. A journalist and an avid traveler, he has written four books that form an anthology of sorts on the mysteries of Venice and the lagoon. The most recent of the four, published by Studio LT2, is entitled “The Secrets of the Grand Canal”. The other three, which have also been translated into several languages including English, are: “Venetian Legends and Ghost Stories”, “Venicenigma and Mysteries of the Lagoon” and “Witch Tales”, published by Elzeviro. With Shaul Bassi, Alberto wrote “Shakespeare in Venice”, a guide-book containing forty tales about the Serenissima, described through the eyes of Otello and Shylock.
  • The Ruyi activity is an amazing trip through one of the most mysterious cities in the world. I was taken to corners of Venice and shown sights that I never would have encountered on my own self-guided walks through the city.

  • Want a way to explore Rome that's part Harry Potter, part Da Vinci Code? The interactive game will have you wandering through the streets on a quest for answers to cryptic clues.
    National Geographic

  • ...the Ruyi always evades discovery. But the real treasure is in experiencing a fun new twist on sightseeing in the Eternal City.

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