by Nicola Scevola

“Uscire dai percorsi più battuti perdendosi nei meandri di New York è uno dei modi per sentirsi meno turisti. Ma farlo seguendo un percorso alla scoperta di segreti e racconti insoliti sulla città, dà ancora più soddisfazione.” Read the article

“[…] In an effort to determine whether treasure hunt-style guidebooks might become a fad, HuffPost Travel editors Paul Brady and Andrew Burmon took to the streets and tried to uncover the secrets of the pegleg.” Read the article online

by Karen Day

“Anyone who grew up reading the Choose Your Own Adventure book series will delight in Italian publisher WHAIWHAI’s take on interactive storytelling.” Read the article.

by Joshua Brustein

“[…] The app is an entertaining addition to the Manhattan walking tour and an example of an increasingly popular concept in the technology world called gamification.” Read the article.

by Alice Gregory

“[…] WIRED caught up with Levitch to discuss New York’s forgotten past and the art of turning up a guidebook to a game.”


by Elaine Glusac
“Do you find walking tours too passive, like sitting trough a boring lecture? […]”

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  • The Ruyi activity is an amazing trip through one of the most mysterious cities in the world. I was taken to corners of Venice and shown sights that I never would have encountered on my own self-guided walks through the city.

  • Want a way to explore Rome that's part Harry Potter, part Da Vinci Code? The interactive game will have you wandering through the streets on a quest for answers to cryptic clues.
    National Geographic

  • ...the Ruyi always evades discovery. But the real treasure is in experiencing a fun new twist on sightseeing in the Eternal City.

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