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Explore New York with WHAIWHAI app

WHAIWHAI transforms city tour in New York into fun adventure. A special app starts and manages your experience in the city of your choice.

The adventure starts with a prologue that you’ll read before beginning to explore Manhattan, to delve into the right mood. Then, a series of fascinating stories will help you discover the most remarkable places in the city. In each place, a mysterious detail is hidden, and it’s your job to decipher it so that you can continue the adventure. As you make your way to the location of the tale, the application will accompany you, indicating whether you’re going in the right direction and how far you have left to go. When you get close to the right place, you’ll be able to access the enigma, solve it and move on to the next location. One step and one enigma at a time, the game continues until you reach the final destination.

You can select how long you wish to play for, as well as the level of difficulty (easy or advanced). You can even invite your friends (up to five people) to play as a group. Just add their contact numbers to the list and they’ll receive a text message telling them about the app and inviting them to play with you.

WHAIWHAI New York is the first new application. You’ll soon be able to play all the other editions of WHAIWHAI using your iPhone.

To find out more about the features of this app, check out the support page here. WHAIWHAI can also be played with a customary mobile phone plus one of our special guidebooks. To find out more about this version, check out the other pages of our site. The experience with iPhone works just like the original guide version, but for those who have already played the paperback WHAIWHAI, there are still a few pleasant surprises in store if you try out the iPhone version: for starters, you can play an unlimited number of times!

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